A letter by Ulrich Stadler

May God's grace, mercy and peace in Christ Jesus our Lord be with you, our beloved brethren in the Lord

The brothers have requested that I compose a letter concerning the foundation of divine doctrine. So I have agreed to write something about it.

First of all, the Gospel of Christ reveals the wrath of God on all ungodly conduct and behavior of man and on all idolatry, be they Jews, Gentiles or anti-Christians. It destroys all superstition, makes man conscious of himself, that he recognizes his actions and conduct, his imaginations and self conceit in which he presumes to serve God. Therefore all their customs and manners of worshiping before their conversion are only a shadow, for true life is in Christ.

It was much easier to persuade the Gentiles, because they were visibly idolatrous and ungodly. It was much easier to convert them to the living God as Paul has written. However, in our present time, where abomination reigns, it seems much more difficult, because they all suppose that they are Christians, but they are in deception and delusion, however well meaning.

First of all, child baptism, with its abomination and sin, must be rooted out of the hearts of men, through the power of God's Spirit. The whole Roman church is under the influence of the devil. The papacy, the real Antichrist, the true adversary and child of abomination, should be fearful of devising such lies in the name of Christ.

Here we need men who are wise in the Lord, who can set men straight in these matters, for the old traditions are not easy to forsake. Yes, our life depends on that.

Now the Spirit of God commands all who would be saved to leave Roman Babel and all her daughters and sisters (that live as harlots in idolatry and ungodliness) and commit themselves to Christ, leave all falsehood and follow the truth.

Therefore we must be very careful that men are properly informed in what is right. That is the work of the Gospel. The judgement of God comes upon all flesh, but not all can tolerate it. To the righteous, it is good, to the wicked, it is for destruction. However, their abominable nature grumbles, for it too wants to enter the Kingdom of God and heaven.

But the Spirit of God doesn't leave His children without chastisement, which the world and the devil will not accept. That is the beginning of suffering and sorrow for the saints. Therefore the witnesses of God must so strongly depend on God. For that reason we must pray for faithful workers in the Lord's harvest.

Secondly, through the Gospel all men are called to repentance from their dead works and abominable idolatry, for the Word of the Lord says, 'Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near.' God does not desire your destruction or death, but will accept you through the grace of Christ. Therefore, convert to Christ with all your heart, for God's Word proclaims undescribable love, goodness and mercy, which He pours out over all flesh and helps all believers in Christ. The mysteries of God's Will is revealed to them in Christ, that they may be enlightened and come to the knowledge of God in Christ.

Christ and His Word must be properly proclaimed so that we may understand only Him and through Him, the Father, for that is eternal life. The doctrine of Adam and Christ, which all descendants of Adam, all young Christians, must properly understand, is the sum of the whole Gospel of Christ. Knowing the reason and foundation of His incarnation, life, doctrine, death, resurrection, ascension, His kingdom and future judgement, is important for proper behavior in the Church of God. That way faith in Christ is proclaimed to all men, plus the voluntary sacrifice in the Lord to obey the Word of Truth and to surrender to God in Christ.

The gospel also proclaims that God wants no filthiness in His Kingdom, but that we should live soberly, righteously and godly, to follow Christ in His suffering through the narrow gate into the Kingdom of God. For when we surrender to God, deny the world, the cross and misery follow. We must walk on the narrow and straight way of the Lord only, where there is water on one side and fire on the other. Whosoever will not take the risk, in his faith and confidence in God, to reach this destination, will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Jesus told us, 'Whosoever would be my disciple must take up his cross and follow me.'

Here the carnal nature begins to question, who can live and suffer like that? For one feels that it is impossible. The world says that no man can live that way. Some will mock, slander and still don't believe. Such we leave alone and pronounce eternal judgement.

But some are moved and God reveals Himself to them, for they foresee death and life, hell and heaven. They would rather live, but find that they are imprisoned in death and sin and therefore are helpless.

But God enlightens them and says, 'Oh man, what is impossible for you is possible with me. I will help you that you may believe, that you may voluntarily surrender and trust me. I want persons who come of their own free will. But you have a choice, if you remain in sin, death awaits you, surrender to me in faith and trust and it will become much easier. What seems impossible before will be easy and small.'

If man believes divine preaching and sincerely surrenders and obeys the truth, forsakes the world, turns to Christ, voluntarily sacrifices himself in Gelassenheit[3], bears His will patiently, according to the strength and power that is faithfully given him, God will work mightily in such a person to help him forsake his own will. Only then can God work in man and prepare him to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Then the covenant in Christ is made and accepted through the sign of baptism by which he confesses his faith and is incorporated in the Church of the saints. Through this he is bound and obligated to live a godly life in the Lord, and to accept punishment when he errs.

He surrenders to God in Christ and afterwards, in obedience and service to all the children of God, according to the will of the Father in Christ. He is then sealed by the Father with His Holy Spirit in Christ and is assured in his heart of the truth, life and God's Kingdom.

Then God's Kingdom, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit begins in us. Who serves the Lord that way is pleasing to God. They devote themselves, through God's grace which disciplines them, to please the Father who has redeemed them from destruction and has planted them in His Kingdom. God's love is in their hearts and they rely on Him in complete confidence in Christ. They yield when He cleanses and refines them in affliction and await help and redemption in patient hope and silence. They will be given the crown of life after they have been tried and found faithful unto death. They have washed their garments in the Blood of the Lamb, followed Him, having buried their sins in baptism and arose to a new life. They have never surrendered any part of themselves for wicked purposes, but surrendered unto holiness with fear and trembling, to live, serve and die only for God. Blessed are those who have part in the first resurrec­tion, on such the second death has no power. Amen.

In conclusion, there is praise, honor, eternal peace and glory for those who seek after life in Christ with patience and good works. Wrath and eternal sorrow await for all who do evil, yes, for all unbelievers, unrepentant who remain in falsehood and will not yield to the truth in Christ. It is certain, in Christ, that all who will not forsake the Roman harlot and follow the Lamb of God, who drink of the cup of horror, filth, abomination, including all unrighteousness, they will inherit pain and torture for all eternity, before God and His angels.

May God enlighten all distressed, hungry souls and keep and strengthen all committed poor orphans in Christ. Amen.

Praise, honor and glory in His Church in Christ eternally.

By Ulrich Stadler

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