the life of Lewi Pethrus

Some important dates in the life of Lewi Pethrus.

1884 March 11. Lewi Pethrus was born in Västra Tunhem in the county of Älvsborg.
  1895. Pethrus is employed for the first time as a shepherd boy during the summer.
  1897. Employed at Vargöns AB, first as post messenger. Later in the chemical factory and finally in the paper factory.
  1899 February 12. Pethrus is baptized in the Baptist Church, Vänersborg. In May he moves to Vänersborg and starts to work as an apprentice in a shoe factory.
  1900 August. He travels to Fredrikshald, Norway, where he continues to work as a shoemaker. He participates diligently in the activities of the Baptist Church.
  1901. Pethrus moves to Oslo and starts to work at a shoe factory there. He is very active in the Baptist Church.
  1902. Pethrus becomes co-pastor with Adolf Mildes in the Baptist Church at Arendal, Norway. He preaches for the first time for five minutes during the service on Whit Sunday. After a series of meetings in Lillestrand he is baptized in the Holy Spirit while standing on the deck of the boat to Bergen watching the sun rise out of the sea. He does not understand the experience and is warned later by his pastor not to recount what had happened.
  1902-03. Pethrus holds meetings along the coast between Langesund and Lillesand.
1903. During the summer Pethrus becomes a preacher in the little Baptist Church in Bengtsfors, Dalsland.
  1904. Pethrus commences his studies at Betel Seminary in Stockholm to become a Baptist pastor. During the first Christmas holidays he is a preacher in Stora Kil, Värmland.
  1905. Pethrus works during the summer for the Baptist Young People's Union at their headquarters in Karlstad.

Back once more at Bethel Seminary he reads The Biblical Doctrine of Christ by Viktor Rydberg and loses his faith in the divinity of Christ. He is encompassed by doubt and darkness. Shortly before Christmas he has a deep spiritual experience while alone, a personal meeting with Christ which gives him back his faith and peace of mind for all time removes his doubt.

During the Christmas holidays he is sent to preach in the Baptist Churches in Kristianstad and Hässleholm. Revival breaks out.

1906 Spring. Pethrus does his National Service at Axvalla Hed, Västergötland. Autumn. He becomes pastor of Lidköping's Baptist Church.
1907 January. Pethrus travels to Oslo after reading about T.B Barrat's revival there. He answers Barrat's questions: Are you prepared to be anything for Christ? Are you prepared to do anything for Christ? Are you prepared to go anywhere for Christ. The doctrine of The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues becomes clear. " From that moment I was part of the Pentecostal Revival".
1910 Autumn. Pethrus is appointed pastor of the newly started 7th Baptist Church, Stockholm which held their meetings in Philadelphia Hall, 11 Uppsala Street.
  1911 January 8. Pethrus preaches his introductory sermon in Philadelphia Church, Stockholm. Philadelphia Church starts its Rescue Mission.
1913 April. Lydia Danielsson and Lewi Pethrus are married in the Baptist Chapel at Kragero, Norway.At the end of the same month Philadelphia Church is excluded from the Baptist Denomination because of a more liberal interpretation of Holy Communion than the Baptists.
  1913-14. The turn of the year. Pethrus writes the two first verses and chorus of 'Firm Are the Promises Standing'. The remaining verses were written two years later. He publishes the first issue of the hymnal 'Songs of Victory'.
  1915. Philadelphia Church starts its own bible school.
1916. The first issue of the weekly magazine 'The Gospel Herald' is published. Philadelphia sends out its first missionaries, Lina and Samuel Nyström, who travel to Brazil. The Pentecostal movement's first bible study week is held at Korsberga, Västergötland, and becomes the forerunner to the later great Nyhem's conferences.
  1921. Philadelphia Church moves into its new premises at 45 Sveavägen.
  1928. The membership of Philadelphia Church exceeds 3000. Police raid Philadelphia's shelter 'The Ark' in Stockholm's Old Town. Several newspapers attack the church. The affair turns out to be a rebuff for the police.
1930. Lewi Pethrus inaugurates Philadelphia's new church on Rörstrandsgatan, Sweden's largest church building as far as seating accommodation was concerned.
  1934. The membership of Philadelphia Church exceeds 5000.
1942. A folk high school is started.
  1943. Philadelphia Church buys Kaggeholms mansion which becomes the new premises for the folk high school.
  1944. Pethrus takes the initiative for a conference of unity about the question of baptism.
1945. After ten years of work to get a daily paper started Pethrus' efforts are crowned with success and Dagen is published.
  1949. Pethrus is awarded an honorary doctorate at Wheaton College, Illinois, USA.
1952. The General Savings and Credit Fund is opened.
1955. Lewi Pethrus inaugurates IBRA Radio from the station in Tangiers and is host for the Pentecostal world Conference in Stockholm.
1958 7th September. Pethrus resigns from the pastorate of Philadelphia Church.
1959. The Lewi Pethrus Trust for Philanthropic Endeavour is started.
1964. Lewi Pethrus takes the initiative for the formation of The Christian Democratic Coalition.
  1966 30th December. Lydia Pethrus dies.
  1973. Lewi Pethrus is made Knight Commander of the Vasa Order.
1974. Lewi Pethrus preaching at his last "Nyhemsvecka" (a yearly week for the Pentecostal Movement, near Jonkoping).
1974. Lewi Pethrus dies.

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