your problem is, you are in a hurry and God is not! - Gerhard Du Toit


Gerhard Du Toit

I went to a bible college, studied there, and at the end of my first year...

I couldn't preach to my mother and father, because if I would said to them: "Now, if you are a believer, you don't do this and you don't that, my mother and father never did those things. My father I ...

About two weeks, I came back for December which was our time of vacation, and I came back from the town one day, which was about five miles away, and my mother came to me and said, "Black African pastor wants to see you", and I had a little cottage .... from our farm house, so when I walked into that cottage, black man was sitting there, and I turned to him and said: "We are not going to talk about theology?" He said: "No, we will involved in neology(?)"

Before I could say another word, this black man literally fall on his face, at the floor of my cottage, and begun to seek the face of God in prayer.

And I watched him for an hour and a half, and the Spirit of God came upon him, and just interceded and prevailed, and supplicate, in the presence of God. And I sat there in absolute amazement,...then he turned to me and said to me, "There is a mountain here in your farm, where we spent days and nights of prayer and fasting" and they were five of them, and I was the very first white person that was invited to pray with them, and you know, you need to understand Africa, because it's different.
It was Friday night, nine clock and I was at my study , studying the word of God with a candle, and there was a knock at my window, when I opened the curtain, I couldn't see his face, because he was a black African, but I saw the white teeth, and he said to me in the African dialect, MURUTI UDIMU IKAI , and he said, We are going to the mountain to pray.

I didn't understand what it means to spend a night in prayer, I understand today.
As we were walking in the darkness that night, I got hold of his arm and I said, How we are going to spend a night in prayer, and I will never forget this, he turned to me in darkness to the night , and he said to me:

White man, you've got a problem!
And your problem is, you are in a hurry and God is not!
You gonna learn what it means to wait!

The best times of prayer, that we've ever had, was between twelve and three or four o clock in the morning, now, bodies were tired, and mostly we were dre... and we said all the things the we could said to God, we had nothing more to say, and then the Spirit of God came and intercedes for us in groanings that cannot be uttered, and then in five clock in the morning, I had to go to the farm house...

And the habit in my country is that first one who wakes up in the morning, goes to the kitchen on the farm house and makes a cup of coffee and you take a cup of coffee to everyone in the house to the family..

And I spent a night in prayer with these men, and when you spent a night in prayer, your heart is so tender and broken, you are so sensitive, I mean, you are so careful what you say, and what you think, you have just come out of the presence of God.
I came into our kitchen to make coffee, for my mother and father... my father was very proud man, very very proud man, and my father was very determined man, my father used to say to me, Son it's not desire that controls destiny, it's determination.
And my father was great one for discipline...

And I remember that morning, I sat at the bedside, gave them their coffee, and I never in my life saw my father weeping, and I gave him this cup of coffee, just spent a night of prayer, and you know sometimes the presence of God is there to a degree that you don't realize it.
And I sat at the bedside, and suddenly something happened.
My father ... begun to shake like this and I didn't know what is really taking place, then he moved a less, and put the cup down, and tears begun to stream down in his cheeks, I turned to him and said:

Are you ok? I thought maybe he is not well.

And he just said, yes. But he wouldn't said another word.

And he sat there like five minutes or so, and he got it out, and he just turned to me and said:

Son, why is it when you come back from that mountain, there is something with you that convicts me of my sin?

And I didn't realize that it was the presence of God!


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